About us

Solinas is a deep tech, climate tech, startup out of IIT Madras focusing on the robotics and digitalisation of assets for the pipeline and sanitation industry.

Our products organise the management of pipelines,manholes and septic tanks via providing effiicient solutions and data driven decision making for our customers.

Our Products

Endobot is a pipeline crawler that inspects underground pipelines to identify leaks, contamination and other critical defects

  • Quick change wheels
  • Crawls upto 400mts
  • 1080P Display for Live feed
  • Completely water proof
  • Data Analysis
For Sales / Services
  • Live Visual Inspection
  • Data Management and visualisation Via Swasth AI
  • Instant leakage and blockage detection
  • Crawls from 90mm to 900mm pipelines

Homosep reduces your pain in cleaning hard sludges or silts in manholes and septic tanks without any manual intervention

  • Enters up to 5 Meters in Depth
  • Patented Multiple Blade Cutter
  • Integrated Suction and Storage system
  • Tank vision and Analysis
  • Compatible with all standardized septic tanks
For Sales / Services
  • Reduction in cleaning hours
  • No manual intervention
  • Hassle-free operating methods
  • Efficient Sludge storage and transportation

iGlobus is an inline inspection robot that is flow propelled and is designed for long distance leak and pilferage detection in non-piggable pipelines

  • Acoustic for leak detection
  • Greater than 10inch pipelines
  • Easily Deployable
  • 24 hours inspection
For Sales / Services
  • In just a single deployment, long distance inspections for up to 24 hours is possible.
  • Carries highly sensitive acoustic sensors and odometry sensors for leak detection and localization respectively.
  • The sensors are integrated by a custom-designed circuit board, that interfaces the sensors to an on-board processing unit.
  • The iGlobus is easy to deploy and does not cause any disruption to the pipeline service.

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