• i-Globus is a passively propelled spherical robot used to quickly inspect pipelines for leaks and other internal defects without affecting the flow inside the pipe.
  • Can pinpoint the location of defects in burried and above the ground pipelines.
  • Launching and retrieving through existing valves on the pipeline.
  • Can be used for water, oil, gas, and other pertrochemical pipelines.


  • i-PIG is a passively propelled device used to map the thickness of a pipeline along its axis using Ultrasonic testing probes
  • The thickness plots will be used to find critical points on the pipeline so that the pipeline operators can take preventive measures to stop future pipeline failures.
  • This can be launched and retrieved from the pipeline using existing PIG launchers and PIG traps


  • Endobot is a remotely operated modular vehicle used for visual and ultrasonic inspection.
  • It enables access to remote areas, confined spaces and dangerous places.
  • It can carry and operate specific tools based on the customer requirement with the help of a robotic arm.
  • Nuclear reactors, pressure vessels, tanks, pipe networks etc., can be inspected using this.


  • Manual scavenging is the most dangerous occupation accounting for over 22000 deaths per year
  • Practiced in many parts of the country despite prohibition
  • Problem persists due to unavailability of affordable alternatives
  • SEPoy is an affordable solution for sewer line inspection and cleaning.