Solinas was Selected Among the Top 30 promising Startups in 2022 by YourStory

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Solinas and being part of Tech30, the curated list of India's most promising startups

In 2022, Solinas was on the curated list of India's 30 most promising startups. On YourStory website, you will find Solinas mentioned as the company using robotics and AI solutions to eliminate manual scavenging and offer end-to-end management of water assets. We at Solinas are inspired, humbled and happy to have received the honor and are now more excited than ever to revolutionize water assets and sewer pipeline management. Our work as an asset management companycan be explained in a few sentences with technical words and jargon. However, we know the impact of our work is more than some technical explanations.

What do we do as a company?

Our work includes detecting issues with water and sewer pipelines. Our robots, technology, and knowledge enable us to eliminate manual scavenging, keep people safe, ensure untainted drinking water for everyone, protect the environment, and more. On paper, this seems simple enough, but the reality is different. Instead of considering our work as just another job, we know it to be the beginning of a revolution.

Manual scavenging and the present picture

Eliminating manual scavenging is necessary, as the work is dangerous, the work environment toxic, and generally not a profession people scramble after. In our country, manual scavenging is against the law. However, it is still a prevalent practice because we have certain beliefs in place. A certain community is forced to risk their lives and handle absolute filth created by other human beings. Every year, many people die during manual scavenging because they lack the necessary protective gear to work in such toxic environments. Moreover, they shouldn't interact with such a toxic work environment in the first place.

Our approach towards the work and our aim

The robots, AI, and other cutting-edge technology we are creating, using, and implementing, work on two fronts. One is the actual work front, where the machines (Endobot and Homosep) do their work, and another is educating people about the available facilities. We are not trying to create a better society by eliminating work opportunities for people. Instead, we are trying to educate people about the risks they face, offer them technologically advanced tools and train them to use these machines to do a better job without risking lives. Homosep is designed to eliminate manual scavenging, save lives and create micro-entrepreneurs.

Handling the water-related issues

ThProper management of water pipelines is essential to retain water purity and can save a considerable amount of Non-Revenue Water in several ways. For example, multiple blockages in the pipeline will cause trouble with water distribution which will mean more water being pushed through the pipeline and wastage of water. Breaks, fractures, leaks, and such issues influence the increase in the amount of water being distributed. This may seem a manageable problem from the outset. However, once you start adding the amount of NRW and the total storage of drinking water in an area, the problematic sections will reveal themselves easily.

Saving water and helping save time, money, and other resources

It is necessary to save water and money, time, and other resources while ensuring better end-to-end water assets system management. We are helping communities, people, and organizations do that. Our system will easily detect the issues within a pipeline and clearly tag the problem area, which can be easily reached and repaired without costing too much time or money. In sewer pipelines, detecting blockages, plant root penetration and other issues is essential for keeping the contamination contained and saving people from subsequent issues of tainted groundwater.

Revolutionizing by turning risky workspaces safe and saving lives

As part of this new India, we are trying to change old and harmful practices. We are introducing the latest technology and knowledge to empower people to keep themselves safe. They are not losing their jobs or sources of income; rather, they are getting better equipped for the task. This way, the job will be done without directly interacting with a human being. In short, our revolution is to ensure a safer workspace, a better quality of life, a shot at entrepreneurship in one front and saving water, helping to retain untainted groundwater levels, proper water assets management, and delivering untainted water to the mass.

In conclusion

The recognition from YourStory is a coveted honor, and we are humbled after receiving it. We have been awarded by our respected Prime Minister and Chief Minister for our assistance with the pipeline management issues.Now we aim to continue walking the path and make the world safer than it used to be yesterday. Such recognition will keep us inspired to do better in the future. Solinas has begun its journey and will continue to grow better and bigger, helping more people, communities, cities, and states.