Solinas Bagged the Best Startup Award of 2022 from The Economic Times

Getting rewarded for one's work is one of the world's nicest and most empowering feelings. So, it is natural that we were elated when we first learned about Best Startup Aware 2022 from the Economic Times. When the idea of Solinas first came into mind, we were trying to use our knowledge and expertise to create something that would help people. We didn't think that one day we would end up winning awards and recognitions for our products, services and the assistance we offer.

The process of selection and our win

Before selecting us, the ten-member ET Startup Awards Jury had a detailed discussion weighing the merits of the contestants. In the end, Solinas was selected as the winner of the Best on Campus category in 2022. We won this award due to the use of robotics solutions in eliminating manual scavenging. There were two rounds of discussions and voting, which decided the winner. We are incredibly proud, happy and utterly humbled by the award.

Our responsibility and bringing awareness to people

We know our fight is against deep-rooted practices and beliefs; our fight is to create a better and safer world for everyone, and for that, eliminating manual scavenging is necessary. According to the law, manual scavenging is illegal and banned, but that doesn't stop the practice from continuing even in the twenty-first century's second decade. If you are not familiar with the work process, it is highly unlikely to have an idea about the toxicity of the work environment of a deep septic tank or sewer system.

Being aware of reality and how things usually work

The vapor of such an environment is enough for a human being to lose the content of their stomach, feel dizzy, nauseated and become unwell within a short period. Getting into such an environment and manually cleaning the space is highly dangerous due to the toxic gas and other toxic elements present there. Several human lives are lost while cleaning sewage pipes and septic tanks every year. Despite the danger associated with the work, a community of people often get forced to do this job.

Introduction of the latest technology to create a better world

The very idea of a human being getting forced, due to circumstances, into cleaning human waste while remaining partially submerged in the same waste without any safety gear is beyond the grasp of our mind. The world has made such advancements. The latest technology is being implemented in almost every aspect of life, making things easier, less risky and better. Then why should sewer and sanitation remain untouched by technological advancement? Such a simple yet deep question planted the seed of Solinas. Today, as a deep-tech startup, we are proud of our products, services and technical assistance.

How our robot works, and how we help?

We have built Homosep, specifically designed to eliminate human interaction with the toxic work environment in the sanitation system. This robot is designed to clean hard sludges and slits in manholes and septic tanks without manual intervention. It is the first step in eliminating manual scavenging. The next step is to help the people associated with this profession by educating them about the possibilities and scopes. We have created Homosep to assist these people, not take away their jobs. Hence, we have the micro-entrepreneurship angle. The other angle is to train the people to handle and manage the technology. This way, our robot and all necessary systems can be implemented easily and as required.

We are preparing to make our dream come true

The ability to end manual scavenging is an outcome we at Solinas are passionate about. Our job is more than saving lives lost every year in sewage pipes. We are part of a revolution where high-end technology is getting introduced to an environment which hasn't developed much in the last several decades. By introducing our robot, training and safety kit, we are making safer possibilities available to those who never had access to such facilities.

We can enjoy a better future – together

Along with making the world a better and safer place with a better sanitation management system, we are also trying to help people with proper training and creating micro-entrepreneur opportunities for them. In short, we are all set to eliminate an inhuman practice one city or one area at a time without taking away jobs from people. We are all set to revolutionize the sanitation system and create a better future for all of us.